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Congratulations to World Champions - Czech Republic! 


Thank you to all the participants, organisers and fans for another great event! UNIF Futnet World Championships 2018 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, know their champions. The winner of all three disciplines - single, double and triple - is Czech Republic. Congratulations!

World Championships / Seeding and draw


The draw for UNIF World Futnet Championships 2018 will take place on 10 November at 11.00 am CET in Nymburk, Czech Republic, and will be broadcast LIVE. Here you will find more information about the seeding and the draw.

Romania's success in Nations Cup


Two games were played in September and October in Nations Cup, a new competition which this year includes top three teams in the world -  Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania - and Romania found success in both games against their biggest rivals.

Official website of UNIF World Futnet Championships

UNIF World Championships / Press conference


On 31 August, a press conference on UNIF World Futnet Championships 2018 took place in Cluj-Napoca with the presence of Sorin Bogdan, President of Futnet Romania, and Kamil Klenik, UNIF President.

UNIF Club World Cup results


Congratulations to NK Climax Vsetin (CZE), after a big fight in triples they have beaten their rivals from KAC Kosice (SVK) and become Club World Champions of 2018! Thank to all the participants and organisers for an exciting day full of great smashes, deadly spikes and excellent saves.

UNIF Club World Cup / Schedule

UNIF Club World Cup will take place on 11 August in the Moravian town of Vsetin (Czech Republic). Best clubs from eight countries are ready to take on the challenge and compete for the title of the wold club champion.

Futnet comes to Ivory Coast

Positive news has come from Ivory Coast about various futnet plans and activities taking place this year. With their request to visit this year’s World Championships and interest to become UNIF member, this is a promising sign that futnet has found its way into this West African country.

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Applications for WCh 2018
Already 21 countries confirmed for UNIF Futnet World Championships that will be organised by Romanian Futnet Association on 16-18 Nov in Cluj-Napoca!

Summer Jokgu Tournament

International Summer Jokgu tournament took place yesterday in Celakovice, Czech Rep., with 60 teams from nine countries. First three places in the elite category were taken by Korean teams.

Futnet Stars exhibition

On 2 June, the French town of Sete hosted an exciting exhibition Futnet Stars with the participation of Czech Rep., South Korea and France. The Czechs won the trophy for the best team.

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Benin - new Associate Member of UNIF

We are always very pleased about contacts with new countries that are discovering futnet and would like to promote it also in an official way. One such country is Benin.

Club World Cup 2018 in Vsetin, Czech Republic


Union Internationale de Futnet organizes 3rd edition of Club World Cup together with the Czech club champion NK CLIMAX Vsetín and with support of the Czech Futnet Association.

Romania to host Three Nations Cup


In Bratislava, Slovakia, a working session took place attended by representatives of Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and UNIF. The subject of the meeting was Romania's proposal for an international competition to be organized each year for national teams.

A look back at World Championships 2017


Women’s and U21 Men’s UNIF Futnet World Championships that took place last month in the Czech town of Nymburk are still in our fresh memory. You can relive the best moments of the championships through the links in this article.

Welcome to new members of UNIF


UNIF Extraordinary General Assembly was held on Friday, 17 November, at Nymburk Sports Centre on the occasion of Women's and U21 Men's UNIF Futnet World Championships with the participation of UNIF members and candidates for membership.

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